Sports betting powered by mobile apps

Sports betting powered by mobile apps

Sports betting boosted by mobile applications

When fans start getting into the world sports betting, it’s often hard to get out. It’s more than just a game, it’s a real addiction that affects millions of gambling enthusiasts around the world. These online games of chance have recently experienced tremendous growth. With a dramatic increase in internet accessibility, punters from all backgrounds are eager to try their luck at winning the jackpot. Whether they choose to rely on mathematical algorithms or they simply bet at random, the lure of riches is still quite powerful. Along with the proliferation of smartphones and mobile apps, the sports betting industry continues to look promising.

What do the numbers say about mobile apps and sports betting?

To give an indication of the magnitude of this craze for online betting, consider that trailblazing corporations like the Française des jeux took in more than 200 million euros in bets for the year 2016. It’s now possible to bet on different kinds of sports through various platforms. Previously, sports betting was basically limited to horse racing and football games. Nowadays, almost every sport imaginable is showcased. Beginning with Formula 1 racing, rugby and even handball, there is something for all tastes. It’s now possible to bet on different kinds of sports through various platforms.

With the availability of reliable tips and various betting analyses, gamblers have all the tools of a good punter at heart. In 2015, France hosted an unprecedented sports event. The EURO gave bettors an unexpected opportunity to cash in on the most bets. Simply by using mobile apps, punters have access to infinite betting possibilities. An increasing number of new forms of gambling like spot-fixing even allow fans to bet on aspects of a game that don’t have a direct influence on the outcome. However, regulating authorities exist to ensure the proper function and integrity of the industry.

Online sports betting has experienced a clear evolution over the course of recent decades and continues to attract punters of all backgrounds each year. Fans and beginners search for reliable and consistent sources on which to rely. In France, more than 198 gamblers became millionaires in 2018, giving everyone something to be excited about. Despite a relatively favourable outlook, no one is protected from an abrupt reversal of fortunes. In that sense, there’s always an element of risk. Fortunately the availability of apps on a smartphone or a tablet help punters feel good about their final picks.

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