Best images of 2014


I think that while I cut back on the number of images I took in 2014 due to photographing film and doing my own developing and scanning, I think that I’ve made up for it in quality.  This is a wonderful old Celtic cross in St. Mary’s cemetery in Milford, MA.  



I soon made the leap to infrared film, and discovered a whole new world of light, unseen by the human eye.  It also brought a new method of thinking about exposures and filters.  



swinging bridge001.jpg


Infrared also made the world slightly alien, turning the greens of summer into the snowy whites of winter.  

BodieMono 2014.05.11.001.jpg


Film photography slowed me down, made me really think about composition, about values of gray, and taught me to take full control of the developing process, as well as what I really want from my images.  



Film took me back to favorite places, too, to re-see my old haunts with a new eye. 


I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Mr. Alan Ross.  He took me on and taught me the basics, gave me a light meter, taught me darkroom etiquette and explained the process of developing film.  Thank you.