El Portal Fire


There really is no reason for me to provide yet more depressing news about the fire just outside the gates of Yosemite.  There’s lots and lots of websites that will provide the information you’re seeking.  What isn’t being said is the cause of the fire— and while I’ve heard rumors, I know nothing concrete and so I’ll hold my tongue.  While it is smokey here in Yosemite Valley, I suspect most of it is from the Dark Hole Fire, on the Yosemite Creek drainage.  Every morning smoke can be seen pouring over the waterfall outside my trailer.  There is very little water now, barely a trickle.  

Fires in Yosemite have become old hat to me.  It seems just about every year there’s another month of smoke and ash.  I’ve almost become blasé.  

I shot this image on my Mamiya RB67 Pro S on Ilford Delta 400 film.  I developed the negative and then scanned it on my Epson Perfection V700 scanner, and processed it using Lightroom.  I just wish I could have gotten a shot of the DC-10 that rose up from behind the ridge and scared the crap out of me!  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll go out to El Portal and get some more shots of aircraft and personnel.  

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