From the Archives: Stanley Woolen Mill


The Stanely Woolen Mill main office in early morning light.  January, 2013.  

The Blackstone River Corridor was the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution; textile mills sprang up like mushrooms in the 19th century, and ushered in a whole new class of workers.  Exploitation was ubiquitous, and paved the way for labor laws and for unions to respond to unsafe and downright dangerous conditions.  Currently there is a movement to reclaim and update these abandoned mills for office and residential space.  The Stanley Woolen Mill in Uxbridge, MA has been undergoing a long refurbishing, and the building is slowly transforming.  

Last year in January I had the pleasure of photographing this remarkable historic complex as part of a book:  “Winter Along the Blackstone”, available on Amazon.  My dear friend Susan Franz did the graphic design.  

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