Limited internet


Photo Credit: Michael Frye, In the Moment Landscape Photography Blog

I’m alive and well in the Missouri Ozarks, although on a strict reduction of internet access;  I’m limited to online activity between 6 and 8 am due to some technical issues beyond my control.  I do have some good news to report, though;  I’m going to be a mother-in-law!  My son Jeromy will be getting married to Cynthia on Halloween this year, and I am delighted to have her join the family.  

More good news: I’ve got almost everything I need gathered together to begin developing the film I’ve exposed;  After that I will need a scanner to digitize them.  I’ve discovered a website devoted to Cafenol developing, and I’m eager to give it a go.  

If you’re missing my photos of California, there’s good news for you too:  Fellow Yosemite ‘tog and friend Michael Frye is still doing a bang-up job—I doubt you could get him away from Yosemite with a crowbar!  I fell in love with the above image, and Michael was kind enough to let me share it with you, my gentle readers.  Do go on over to his wonderful blog, and leave a comment saying I sent you.  

Be kind to one another!