Montezuma’s Castle National Monument

Arizona Aug 2015 015.jpg

This remarkable cliff dwelling was never home of “Montezuma” (sic).  It predates that legendary Aztec emperor by at least 200 years.  It’s also far to the North of his reign.  It was built by people of the Sinagua (Spanish for ‘without water) culture.  It was inhabited for about 300 years, and abandoned about 800 years ago.  More recently, it was one of four sites to be the first to receive National Monument protection from President Theodore Roosevelt on December 8, 1906.  To learn more, go here:  Montezuma’s Castle National Monument

New Camera!


I took my new Mamiya 7ii camera out for a test spin yesterday; I went back to the boulder field Ansel Adams took his famous “Mt. Williamson” photo from, and was delighted at the clouds and clearing storm there.  This is hand-held, using Ilford Pan F+ 50 film and a circular polarizer.  Please pardon the rudeness of the rock in the foreground.  I think it was excited to see me.  Also, I’m gonna ditch the squeegee in the future.  Sadly, it created some lines in the negative.