Fen Fern Unfurling


Braken Fern.

I was challenged by a friend who wanted to know why I want to shoot film;  “All the new innovations are in digital photography”, he said. “Photochemistry is played out!”  True.  

I want to have a fuller understanding—because by understanding the limitations of film photography, you gain a deeper appreciation for digital photography.  By understanding the superiority of silver prints, you gain a goal for digital printing.  

The image above, while interesting, is really and truly crappy.  And to be honest, it would have been crappy even if it were large format film.  At 8 megapixels, an iPhone image does not stand up very well to cropping.  It pixelates easily, and efforts to smooth it digitally make it look like a bad attempt at being “painterly”.  If I’d captured this on film, I’d still have to deal with motion blur due to a slight breeze.  

Still, I’m making art in a wider array of mediums.  Film or pixels, there’s lessons to be learned from each.