Four Hollows, Ozarks


Reynolds County, Missouri. This lovely bit of bottom land is on the Clearwater Lake peninsula, and almost impossible to find unless you go exploring.  I’ll give a hint, though; There are faded plastic ribbons tied to the saplings at the junction of County Road 426 and this road.  Be prepared for steep grades, lots of rocks, and mosquitoes. Oh, and it’ll take a couple of turns to get to this spot.  

Have fun! 

From the Archives: Still life with pine cone


An unexpected gift of pomegranates from my co-worker Connie, some windfall pears, a handful of autumn leaves and a pinecone places on a partially cut stump in autumn light. What could be better? Image taken in 2006.  A recent post on Facebook by Ray Santos made me go looking for this image. 

Montezuma’s Castle National Monument

Arizona Aug 2015 015.jpg

This remarkable cliff dwelling was never home of “Montezuma” (sic).  It predates that legendary Aztec emperor by at least 200 years.  It’s also far to the North of his reign.  It was built by people of the Sinagua (Spanish for ‘without water) culture.  It was inhabited for about 300 years, and abandoned about 800 years ago.  More recently, it was one of four sites to be the first to receive National Monument protection from President Theodore Roosevelt on December 8, 1906.  To learn more, go here:  Montezuma’s Castle National Monument